Freelancer is also a self-employed. I’m not attached to any employer nor company. I’ll do work and i got paid. I stop work, no income for me. Being a freelancer also means no guarantee on your income by month ends. And no shopping for me T_T.

But being a freelancer you have the freedom of your own time.  You can work from anywhere, anytime as long you can meet the deadline given. With my style of living, which I like to follow wherever my husband goes (he’s work required traveling inside and outside) because I like to travel.

Some people might say that traveling banyak sangat nanti tak boleh fokus kerja. It depends actually. You need to discipline yourself la and manage your time betul-betul. Example, whenever I followed my husband outstation, I followed my husband working hours. We finished our works and we go explore, shopping or eating.  And the important thing is not to take too much work whenever you are traveling lol.

Following my husband to London.

I have my own working space at home and whenever I’m outside, my favourite place to work is at Starbuck. If there’s none Starbuck nearby, I just work inside the car until my laptop battery died.

I love doing what I’m doing now and the freedom of working wherever I am. I hope you guys also love whatever job you have now 🙂

Happy Sunday!




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