Last Sunday, my husband and I went to watch Munafik 2 at The Mines. It’s our usual activity whenever we went back to visit my husband parents and family, we will treat our nieces and nephew to a Movie. But this time, my husband twin sisters wanted to tag along.

The only movie that suitable for our under 18 nieces is Munafik 2, so we decided to watch it although the only available time is 9.45 pm showtime. Booked the tickets using TGV apps. It’s really convenience nowadays with all the apps. No need to rush to the cinema and worried about no available seat anymore. Munafik has been on the cinema for about 3 weeks already, so the available showtime for a day not as much as the early release. But still, the seat was sold very fast and the hall almost full.

We arrived at The Mines approximately around 9 pm after picked up niece from her house and had McDonald’s for dinner. Bought Family Sharing using McDonald’s app. It was really worth buying McDonald’s meal when you have the apps installed on the phone.

I rarely watched the Malay movie at Cinema. Not because not supporting Malaysia’s Film Industry, but because usually, I don’t feel worth the time and money to watch it at the cinema (excuse if I sound snob lol) I will wait for it to be available on TV or online to watch it. But, this time, I’m impressed by the quality. The FX is good.  Also, Maya Karin looks like not wearing any makeup which makes her character more alive and real. She looks beautiful anyway even without makeup.

I know some people gave a bad review of this film. If you just see from the surface and not seeing the in-between message, yeah you might feel the storyline craps and do not make sense. But to me and my husband, we really enjoy it. Nice scenery and camera angle at the river, the deep messages, and every word recite from the Quran and scary moments when the ghost appears. I closed my eyes mostly because of the ghost might haunt me in my dreams lol.

Besides the scary and religious message, it also sad at parts when Adam’s mother died and  Azhar stabbed by Abuja. Abuja and his men really did a good job as the villains. I felt the helplessness when they raped Sakinah, beat her up and even beat her daughter.

The story twists even though predicted, I still feel good about it. I already somehow feel that Azman, Adam’s friend is not a good guy. Well Fizz Fairuz always in that character, a bad guy but disguise as a good and religious man. The only really good man character he acted is in Nur Kasih.

The dreams that Adam’s been having actually a guidance about what will happen. The ghost of the girl is Aina, Sakinah’s daughter. There is also a scene where a ghost appeared behind him that looks like his mother, is a sign that his mother gonna passed away. But the way his mother passed away really sad. Believe it or not, it does happen in the real world. There are people who were not herself/himself or possessed or not in the sane mind do bad things like that. I do believe it.

Overall, I think this is a good movie. A very quality Malaysia Movie. Kudos to Syamsul Yusof, actors, actress and the teams for MUNAFIK 2. The showtime maybe ends soon, so I suggest you guys go and watch it now or have to wait for a few months before it available on Astro…maybe.

Till next time. Have a great weekend!

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