2018 have reached it ends. This is the last day. And the cycle keeps going on until nobody knows when. For me, as long as I live and breath, I hope to be there at the end of every year and embrace the new year with new hopes and faith for a better year.

How do you guys celebrate the new year eve? Me? I don’t really celebrate each new year. Whole my life, I think only 2 times I really went out and celebrate. The first one when I was younger. Went out with my best friends who are also my housemates at that time. Actually, we went out to eat. Our favorite Nasi Ayam restaurant was at Jalan Bukit Bintang. So happens that night there is an event around Bukit Bintang. A parade I think. We are caught up with the parade and stay there until midnight to celebrate New Year together with other people.

The second time I think to celebrate 2017. Went out to see firework nearby Perlis Stadium. And today, I spend my last day in 2018 with works. Then spend time with my husband. Had dinner outside and then looking for 2019 planner. I wanted to change how I manage my time with a planner. I hope to get busier in 2019. So need to really managed time and a lot of other stuff too see through.

Unexpected Happy Things

We went to Hasani Bookstore at Sungai Petani because that was nearby to the place we had dinner. While checking out books and novels, we found one of my previous work. Travelogue book “Afrika Aku Mai Lagi” by Dr. Hayya Bilal. I was so excited lol. Not all my works are in the bookstore. Mostly the publisher sells their books online. To see your work outside and displayed really awesome. 

Checking out my name in the copyright section

This is the job I did in 2016. Hopefully, I can do more job like this in the future. Really boost my confidence in myself that I can produce good work. I should put this in the list of my works collection. Let’s remember to do that later lol.

Welcome 2019 with Hopes and Faith

In a few minutes, we will hear the fireworks. Happy greetings and words exchanged all over the world. And everyone will have a new dream, wishes, and plans for a new 2019. For me, I wish life will be more colorful and healthier life. Not just for me, but for my husband, my parents and my siblings. We had been in the mourn too long. Our heart scarred with the lost. It’s been 7 years. Not to forget, can never forget. Always in our heart. Maybe, hopefully, a new star will be born in 2019. Insyallah.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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