Hey, it’s been awhile I logged in here and write something. I’ve been thinking to post a lot of thing to share here, but it all stuck inside my head. Blocked! Wish there is a magic wand to help me now lol. I think it’s everyone wish to have magic in their life. This is what too much Disneyland in your head.

I’m a fan of Disneyland movies. Who doesn’t right?! Most’s of us brought up with fairytales and happy ending. And it somehow implemented in our head to wish for a happy ending in our own stories. But, real life is no fairytale. It’s a hard-work, sweat and tears. Keep it real people!

Some people may have their happy fairytales life. Yeah, people with a lot lot of money. Rich people. But people like me, it’s a struggle. Not lucky enough to be one of the rich people or people with old family money. Maybe that’s why now I’m more into doomsday kind of movies. Zombies, apocalypse, the end of day, and human extinction. And I’ve been wondering, will there be zombies one day lol. Let’s pray we won’t have to face it in real life XD.

Anyway, how hard life is and the struggle we are facing everyday, just be thankful for everything we have at the moment. Thankful for the life that are given, because as long still breathing, still have a chance for a better life. Hopefully ~

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