Since I was a teen (18th years back), 2020 being promoted as the most expected years. Vision 2020 or Wawasan 2020 is ideal or vision introduced on 1991 by the current Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad which back then he also Malaysian fourth Prime Minister. Come to think of that, he get to see whatever he visioned while introduced it get to happen or not.

Anyway, I think mostly people of my age or elder will remember this. Or at least the same feeling. The feel like…at last we are here. Or finally we reached 2020. Because 18th years is a very long time. And now finally step into 2020, still can’t believe it. I feel old lol.

New Year. There’s a lot I want to achieved on 2019, BUT…oh well I’m normal human being. The good thing is, i’m thankful for the chances to live up to this day to do good and try again this year. My 2019 not so bad actually. I’ve travel to London again, I’ve designed a few novel covers, I’ve started videos editing, done a few websites and blogs, and also gonna start my youtube channel soon. Oh also I’ve tried acupuncture. Ha!

This year, I’m not gonna have any list on whatever I want to achieves. I just hope it will fills will colours just like the gif above. And maybe, praying that one day on this year, god will grant me and my husband a child. That’s what I pray for this year.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope we all have a great year and better life XD.

2020, please be nice 🙂

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