Recently I tried to update my site to the latest WordPress but I’m not sure what went wrong, the installation just stuck and I can’t log in back to my site. Then it showing ‘The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.” I checked and refreshed a few times my email account but none. So I googled for the solution.

You can find a lot of solutions and blogs about it – Stackoverflow, WordPress Support. If you are very fluent with web tech and coding, you can stop reading now lol. But for me, I can’t understand complex terms so I tried a few that showing simple instruction and using layman terms that I can understand. So here I’m sharing based on my knowledge and finding. Please note, this is a solution to the problem that happened because updating the WordPress version and not other problems like plugin or theme problems.

Firstly, download the latest WordPress files. Make sure your PHP version is compatible with the WordPress version. Or you can download the older version here. I downloaded 5.27 because that is last the version before I had this problem. Find the wp-admin and wp-includes folder and compress (zip) the folders separately.

Inside the WordPress folder once downloaded and extracted

Keep the zip files and now login to your Cpanel. (I prefer Cpanel because it easier for me to access my site files). Then go to File Manager.

This is how File Manager in CPanel looks like

DELETE wp-admin and wp-includes folder. Then upload the zip files earlier. Extract both files and refresh your site again. And you can now log in and maybe try to update again your WordPress version. And please make sure, your hosting can support the latest version.

That’s all for now. Till next post ~

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