Kesiannya la blog ni. Cita-cita nak buat banyak entry but it’s easier to think/say than done. I even have a few half typed draft. But can’t find time to complete and publish it. Later la I will continue with them. Right now just want to update on what’s happening in my life currently.  A lot of things happen since last 2 months that make it harder to blogging. Pindah rumah, travel around and works. Bertimbun-timbun kerja. Alhamdulillah ada job masuk. Duit pun dah banyak spend untuk pindah rumah.

Pindah Rumah

Me and my husband have been looking for a new house for months.  It’s hard to find 4 room house that within our budget here. Mostly expensive or did not meet our requirement. We did find one house which I like, a double storey semi-D new house. The rent quite ok but the owner asking too much for the deposit. 3+1 and plus utility RM1K. Total macam 5 month punya sewa. Bila minta kurang senyap je. Then after searching again, we found the current house. A single semi-D and the rent same as our previous house. Alhamdulillah. The previous house is terrace with 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom. Yang baru ni upgrade sikit la ada extra room and more space. Also ada laman, boleh la bercucuk tanam.

After move to new house, masalah internet because our house address not registered in TM system for any internet service walaupun tiang TM tu sebelah rumah je. Ding dong ding dengan TM for about 3 weeks. I can say that very disappointed la with TM service. So we cut off our streamyx and bought Maxis broadband. Now in the process of upgrading to Maxis fibre. Maybe I’ll write more about it in another entry.

My working place inside my bedroom. Penat baring kejap then sambung keje balik haha

Last week we went to Temerloh and Raub, Pahang. Before that singgah KL to visit in laws for a few days. Before that went to Ipoh and Taiping. I travel a lot because my husband job’s requirement. So teman-temankan dia sambil berjalan. Never been to Termeloh or Raub pun sebelum ni. Nothing much at Termeloh but Raub is cooler place because dikelilingi bukit-bukit.

My husband really like Patin tempoyak. Me not so much, but this time I give it a try. We went to  Selera Patin Bangau because recommended by friend. Sedap according to my husband yang memang minat patin tempoyak. The price also cheaper than Kuantan. It open from Tuesday till Sunday, 12pm till 4pm. But when we arrived there at 11.50am, there is already people and food is ready.

View from my hotel room at Raub. Nampak redup dan sejuk kan
Bangau tu actually sempena nama kawasan ni bukanlah spesis Patin Bangau
Boleh pilih kepala atau ekor. Nampak sedap tak?
Nasi lemak ni sedap. Kedai makan yang hujung depan Klinik Kesihatan Temerloh

We tried taking the road from Raub to Kuala Kubu Bharu as a short cut, to skip entering KL. Not gonna take that route again. I rather we go the long way. The route really make me nauseous and sampai je dekat Kuala Kubu Bharu, tak boleh tahan. Muntah. Nasib la makan keropok je sebelum tu.


I’m working on a few cover novels, which I will share here later. Beside that, doing VA works as usual.  I want to find more times to do planning for my company, but I need to settle the current task at hand so it won’t pile up too much.

That’s all I want to share here. Till next post. See ya!

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